Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 2009

Ooooo, Poppets! I spent most of the month of June in Mexico. This, my friends, did not suck. Because we were there for David's work, we weren't only in the tourist areas, either, but got to see some very local places and meet some very local people. If you've ever been to a tourist trap in any country, you know what I mean.

We also became very good friends with an amazing man and David's Mexican counterpart. He is, obviously, in the same field as David – the one in which, here in the States, David is concerned about coming out – is about the same age, a Major in the Mexican military, and totally straight. He is also one of the most open and accepting people either one of us has ever met. As first they, and then we, traveled the country, our friend saw everything with the astute eye you would expect from a high ranking official in the military. He came to know and understand David as an individual. He came to know and understand us as a couple. Nothing was said about it. There was no need for sideways glances, awkward jokes or discomfort. We were all just who we are.

This is amazing enough but wait! There's more. The entire southern part of the country is like this. Get away from the border areas and the world relaxes. People touch and kiss and are comfortable with each other. No one has to prove anything to anyone. Two women, topless, touching hands under a beach umbrella aren't worth a second look. Two men putting sunblock on each other's backs by the pool could be brothers or lovers, for all the attention they draw from the locals.

Is it a perfect country? Of course not. No where is. And please note, I talk about the Southern states, not the Northern ones, by the US border. There's a reason for this. Is it, however, a friendly country? Oh hell yes. Far more so than I expect or am used to from the US.

So if you're looking to get away any time soon, consider southern Mexico. And may I specifically recommend Playa del Carmen. Sure, it's more touristy than some of the other places I've spent my month of June but, mi Dios, it's gorgeous and as welcoming as anywhere else. Stop by the Blue Mosquito if you get the chance. It'll restore your soul. At least, it's restored mine.

Until next month, Poppets, take care of you.

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