Friday, April 4, 2008

April 2008

Hi Poppets! I’m excited because I’ve been exploring! Finally, I’ve found the Cuff and Purr and the Crypt and…so many places I’m practically aquiver. But I’m also getting ahead of myself…

The first thing I needed was a new hair salon because, while looking fabulous isn’t quite as important as feeling fabulous, let’s face it; it’s a close thing. And finding a salon isn’t easiest thing to do. See, I have long curly hair which is wonderful unless I get a bad cut at which point I look like a poodle mated with Little Orphan Annie. Not a good look. In fact, leaving my old stylist was almost as traumatic as leaving Massachusetts. Luckily for me, my explorations led me to Clay, owner and senior designer of Antonio Melani Salon and Spa.

A small yet elegant shop on Colby Avenue in Everett, Antonio Melani is a dream come true: a talented and knowledgeable staff; an unpretentious yet comfortable atmosphere; and a practically perfect hair cut and dye job. Clay takes his time, asking questions and learning what his clients want. He isn’t afraid to make suggestions but does so without being pushy and will give you whatever you decide on, if it was his suggestion or not. I left looking and feeling fabulous – for a third to a half of the price I would’ve paid downtown.

It was time to explore with confidence and so I did. But Poppets, I’m not nineteen any longer. I can’t live on nightclubs and dive bars alone anymore – although I gave it a good run. However, this development might not be wholly a bad thing when the alternatives are as delightful as the Hi Spot Café in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle.

Sure, it’s a bit of a drive but so are all of the other Seattle offerings. And on an afternoon when I was a little tired, a little grumpy and a lot in need of a late-afternoon caffeine fix, stumbling into this little café lifted my mood immediately. Mike Walker, proprietor, serves up breakfast, lunch and that much-needed caffeine fix until four in the afternoon every day. The food is delicious and the service just right. But it’s more than that.

The Hi Spot is comfortable, even comforting. The restaurant is cozy without being crowded. It’s the perfect place to linger, people watch, read a book, catch up with a friend, whatever. Consider it an oasis where you can recharge between late nights and dance clubs.

Finding the big places is always great. It makes a town exciting and heady. Finding the little places, though? Well, that’s what makes a town home. I’m glad I’ve found these little places. Check them out next time you’re looking for a little peace and pampering. I think you’ll be glad to find them, too.

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