Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1, 2016

Poppets, I cannot tell you how many drafts of this month’s article I have written, edited, deleted, and started fresh.

Part of it, no doubt, is because I’ve been writing this column for a while and, eventually, the ideas dry up a bit.

But part of it is I’m conflicted this year. I want to write about resolving to find love and peace in the face of hatred and chaos. I want to encourage you and myself to rise above. To answer with love. To embrace when possible and disengage when it’s not.

On the other hand…I want to write about resolving to stand fast. To fight back. To answer every microaggression with power. To refuse to be silenced or cowed, even to ensure a peaceful moment or two.

To write about letting people make their own choices, go their own way, and allowing grown-ups to fuck up and fail if that’s what it means. All while writing about how we must look out for each other, and guide, advise, and support because we are all put on this earth to take care of each other.

And so I have started each of those articles – and a couple others, to be completely honest with you – and still haven’t settled on my path.

For me, in 2016, I think I will resolve to find the balance between those two seemingly disparate concepts: love and fighting. 

  • I will not stand for being attacked – but I will make sure I am being attacked before I strike back.
  • I will be willing to forgive a misspeak or misstep based in true ignorance – but I will not let ignorance be an excuse for cruelty.
  • I will embrace teaching moments – but I will not allow the conversation to be derailed onto how I need to explain myself.
  • I will not be man-splained, straight-splained, thin-splained, or Christian-splained – but I will be willing to have conversation where my partners get to do more than just listen to my experience, even if it’s not theirs.

As a Wiccan witch and a Libra, I believe everything is interconnected and I strive for balance. These resolutions reflect that.

In the past, I have been vehement about not making resolutions based on the turning of the page of a calendar. This year is different, though. This year, I need to make these resolutions. I need to know what my path will be before the vitriol that is building comes in full force.

So, Poppets, I encourage you to find your path, as well. Identify what’s important to you before you need it.

Be safe this year. Be well. And fight or love, as suits your needs.

Until next month, Poppets, take care of you – and each other.

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