Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 1, 2015

Betty indulges me, Poppets. She lets me ramble on about stupid shit, and important shit, and shit that’s really near and dear to my heart. Pretty much whatever I want. Example? Almost every October for the past eight years, I’ve written a variation on the same article: Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Guess what? I’m continually grateful for Betty, because I’m writing that same article this year.

Why? Because a man in Dallas recently got ten years’ probation – probation, Poppets – for killing his transgender partner. Her name was Janette Tovar, and earlier in the day Jonathan Stewart Kenney slammed her head into concrete during an argument.

Later that evening, he called 911 when she became nonresponsive. But the cause of death was blunt force trauma. In other words, his slamming her head into cement. During an argument. Which is the very definition of physical domestic violence, Poppets.

But it should be cut and dried, right? They fought. He hurt her, badly. She died. He even admitted to it. This is domestic violence to the Nth degree. This is domestic violence murder.

But he got ten years’ probation and a $2500 fine.

Tell me again how just and fair the system is to victims of domestic violence. Then tell me again how just and fair it is to the LGBTQ community.

Tell me how a fight – whatever the fight was about – justifies slamming a woman’s head into concrete so hard that it kills her. Tell me again how victims of domestic violence ask for it.

Finally, tell me how domestic violence doesn’t exist in the LGBTQ community. Tell me how it’s a fair fight if it takes place amongst ourselves.

Luckily, I’m not the only one passionate about this. 

So are the people at the Northwest Network, an agency specifically for LGBTQ survivors of abuse. They’re based out of Seattle, and you can reach them here (206) 568-7777 during normal business hours, or find out more information here:

So are the people at the Skagit County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services. They are a full-service resource center for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and are openly LGBTQ friendly. You can reach them here (888) 336-9591 24-hours a day, or find out more information here:

So are you – I hope. Because if you’re aware of it or not, someone you know, someone you love, is or has been a victim of domestic violence. People don’t just get in touch with those organizations to ask for help. You can call them and ask how to help, too. I hope you will.

Because it’s real. It’s happening – to us. Among us. By us.

Her name was Janette Tovar, and he got ten years’ probation.

Until next month, Poppets, take care of you – and each other.


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