Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1, 2014

Are you ready for a road trip, Poppets? And not a crazy Bridget road trip like head to New Orleans or Boston, either. Just a road trip to Portland – yes, Oregon, not Maine. Here’s why –

Somewhere along the line, the accepted stereotype for butch lesbians and transmen meant having zero fashion sense. A uniform of blue jeans and a t-shirt for every day, and black pants and white shirt for dressy occasions. Anyone who isn’t femme is supposed to be happy with this selection. Maybe it’s more of a chicken or egg situation. Are those the uniforms we live in because we like them, or because it’s the only thing available to us?

Because let’s be honest – suits, pants, and dress shirts cut for cis-women’s bodies don’t always fit. When they do fit, they aren’t always the look we’re going for. And trying to get a men’s tailor or retail shop to tailor a man’s suit to our body can be an exercise in frustration, at best, and often ends in humiliation, at worst. What’s a masculine ciswoman, transman, or androgynous woman to do?

Road trip!

Back in 2008, the founder of Saint Harridan was able to marry her partner, when California granted marriage equality, but she could find nothing to wear. She finally had a suit made for her, but only after throwing up her hands in frustration at the options available to her. Doing so made her realize that she could not possibly be the only person in this situation – so she opened Saint Harridan, clothing options for women, transmen, and anyone else who challenges the gender binary, and wants more than jeans or black pants!

So where does Portland come in? The 2014 Saint Harridan Popup Tour has started and, next month, they’re in Portland. September 26-28, just down the road, you can find suits that are cut to fit you – not just your body, but your person. People who are not only okay with your presence, but are expecting you. Customer service that isn’t just trained to put up with you, but cater to you. Other customers who aren’t trying to ignore you, but are as happy to be there as you are. For more information, check out the store’s website: or, for details about the popup in Portland itself, check out their Facebook page: And be sure to pass the word along. Stores like this can’t stay in business if we don’t keep them open (the recent loss of the amazing Tomboy Tailors is a harsh reminder of that). Plus, if you can’t make it, you can always order online through their main site, as well.

Go into this holiday season looking as sharp as you feel. Finally.

Travel safely, enjoy the trip and the shopping. And, until next month, Poppets, take care of you.

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