Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

I’m a little stunned, Poppets. This article is supposed to be about summer and family vacations and wonderful places to take the kids, but still be able to be open. While I knew there weren’t going to be huge numbers of places, what has stunned me is the real dearth of options at all. Apparently, we can go on a gay vacation without our kids, or we can go to a straight resort with our kids, but there are very few options where we can be out with our kids. Hell, even Disney’s Gay Days are debatably family friendly, at best, and controversial at worst. Now, while I have inadvertently uncovered a brilliant business opportunity for someone, I have also managed to dig up a few options. Sadly, I haven’t experienced any of these first-hand, but reviews and word-of-mouth are solid. As always, if you have a different experience, please let me know and I will correct myself here!

First, for those of you who enjoy camping and want to reconnect with your kids in nature, there are options here in Oregon and down in Washington, both. And, in spite of my disclaimer in the above paragraph, I have spoken with both of these camps myself and have been assured they are indeed LGBTQ friendly. In Oregon, check out Umpqua’s Last Resort in Dry Creek along the North Umpqua River. Gay owned, gay friendly, they offer campgrounds, cabins, and an RV park if you travel with your house on wheels. Plus, lots of activities for all ages. They will even arrange spa services if being in the great outdoors gets to be just a little too much. 115 Elk Ridge Lane, Oregon Scenic Hwy 138, Mile Post 47 at Dry Creek, Idleyld Park, Oregon and can be reached at 541-498-2500 or

In Washington, try Offut Lake Resort in Tenino. For fishing, boating, hanging out on the dock, or lazing away a day under a shady tree, this is the place for the whole family. Tackle and fishing licenses are available onsite, too. Cabins are often reserved well in advance, but they are offered, along with campsites and RV spots. 4005 120th Avenue SE, Tenino, Washington. 360-264-2438 or

For those of us who aren’t quite as outdoorsy, R Family Vacations is the travel agency we’ve been looking for. When they recognized the dearth of options for LGBTQ families, they did something about it themselves. They offer national and international tours, ranches, and cruises for the whole family. This is the perfect setting for straight parents with LGBTQ kids, for LGBTQ parents with straight kids, or for mixed extended families who want to vacation together where everybody can feel equally comfortable. or 917-522-0985

Finally, for those of us who fall somewhere in between – we want the outdoors experiences, but don’t necessarily want to be left to our own devices – there is an option! Camp It Up in California is summer camp for everyone, not just the kids. Organized activities, meals, and evening programs, it’s summer camp like you remember, only better and with your whole family. This year, camp runs from July 27- August 4th. If you missed out on registering though, they offer winter camp, at Lake Tahoe, so you haven’t missed out at all. 6745 Moore Drive, Oakland.

No, Poppets, we don’t have as many options as we’d like, but we do have them. So, grab your kids, get away for a night or a week. They’re only this age for a short time. Enjoy them.

Until next month, Poppets, take care of you.

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