Friday, February 1, 2013

February 2013

February means Valentine’s Day, Poppets, which can be delightful or dreadful, depending on your outlook. For me, personally, I love it. When I was single, it was a great day to pamper myself, hang out with my friends, and eat chocolate. Now that I’m married, it’s a great day to pamper David, hang out with my best friend, and eat chocolate. I do recognize, however, that I am a bit unusual in this way. However, single or partnered, I’m about to make your Valentine’s Day more delightful and less dreadful. No love coupons. No heart-shaped chocolates or stuffed bears. Not even gas station roses. Ideas that actually work, for your partner, or yourself.

For the traditionalist, it’s hard to beat flowers. Sure, they are an old standby. A little clichéd even. That doesn’t make them bad. Consider them classic. Mix it up a little bit, though. Instead of roses, buy a bouquet of several different flowers, all in the same color. Or buy a single flower for each room. Or go with flowers for their meanings. If you are buying for a partner, know these: pansies for loving thoughts; ranunculus for radiance; sunflower for adoration; and passion flower for, well, passion. If you are buying for yourself, consider these: aster for contentment; gardenia for joy; Casablanca lily for celebration; and my favorite, gerbera daisies for cheerfulness.

For the person who loves to be pampered, bath products are your friends. If you already love baths, great. If not, trust me on this one. If you are building a bath for your sweetie, or putting it together for yourself, start with a nice candle. It doesn’t have to be one of the $20 deals at a boutique. It can be from the grocery store. And it doesn’t have to be fruity or flowery. They have all kinds of scents these days, from linen to pine, to cologne. Find a scent you like and pick up a couple – or three. Light the candles and run a bath. Don’t like baths? Fine. Run the shower. Either way, feel free to use up all the hot water. It’s one night. Find whatever music you, or your partner, likes and play it. Add bubbles or a moisturizing body wash and let the hot water make all your troubles go away.
For the nontraditionalist, if you are partnered, agree to do the thing he or she has wanted to do, but you have resisted. Maybe it’s taking dance classes. Maybe it’s watching a chick flick or an action movie. Maybe it’s trying a new ethnic cuisine. Whatever it is, make the arrangements yourself and join in, wholeheartedly. Don’t half-ass it. Don’t complain if you aren’t having fun. Don’t let yourself not have fun. Enjoy it for and with your partner. If you are single, do the thing you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t been able to bring yourself to do. Maybe it’s change, cut, or dye your hair. Maybe it’s ask your crush out for a coffee. Maybe it’s get a tattoo. Whatever it is, February is your month. This is your day. Do it. Not for anyone else, but for you.
At its core, Valentine’s Day is about love. Love is something we often lose sight of, and that’s a shame, especially given how hard we are still struggling to have our right to love be accepted. This month, let’s embrace love. If it’s love for our partners, our friends, or ourselves, it’s Valentine’s Day, Poppets, and it’s all good.
Until next month, take care of you.

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