Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2012

I love it when the articles write themselves, Poppets, I truly do. And given what I wrote about last month, I bet you already know what I’m writing about this month. Yep, same-sex marriage is now the law in our great state of Washington. Thank you, state legislature and Governor Gregoire!

There are others we need to thank as well, though, specifically the Washington United for Marriage Business Coalition. When I first heard about them, my plan was to spell out everyone involved. The really great news, though, is that it is literally a three-page list. While Betty is amazingly patient with me, I’m not going to turn in a three-page list of businesses and call it an article.

What I will tell you is the range of businesses involved is impressive. Massive, multinational corporations, such as Microsoft, Vulcan, Nike, and Starbucks are on board. Movers and shakers of the state, like the Elliott Bay Book Company, the Seattle Restaurant Alliance, and Spokane Wireless have signed up. Independent retailers and small restaurants and cafes, and even law firms…The list goes on and it’s inspiring.

Surely, you know what I want you to do now, don’t you? I want you to go to, check out the list, and decide which ones you can support. Whatever your other politics are, somewhere in that three-page list is at least one company you can patronize. Because it isn’t easy or fiscally safe for businesses to support us – and they did.

Which also means, yep, it’s time to start shopping at JC Penney. What does JC Penney have to do with same-sex marriage? Not a damn thing as far as I know, but same-sex marriage isn’t and shouldn’t be the only issue within our community that we care about. You’ve heard the kerfuffle over Penney’s choosing Ellen as their spokesperson. I won’t rehash it here. Think about it, though:

A major department store is getting grief for having a kind, polite, caring, funny, professional as a spokesperson, just because she’s a lesbian. How does this even make sense?

Yes, JC Penney is standing by Ellen – and us – by keeping her on. So, let’s say thank you. Assure them they made the right decision. Even if you don’t care for their clothing styles, everybody needs socks and underwear eventually.

Vote with your pocketbooks, Poppets. For a single issue and for the larger one of equality. As I’ve said before, stand with those who stand with us.

Until next month, Poppets, take care of you.

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