Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1. 2010

It’s June, Poppets, and June means Pride. And what a Pride it could be. We have an openly transgendered woman on the presidential cabinet; the military is taking steps to end DADT; and the president has changed the laws regarding hospital visits and medical decisions. We have so many reasons to celebrate this year!

In the past, I have been supportive of Pride in all its forms. Noisy political rally? Go for it. Dancing in the streets? Sign me up. Sexy, colorful costumes with more feathers than material? Oh yeah baby. Even an exchange of shouted insults swapped with teabaggers has been cool with me.

This year, though, I have a different idea. This year, let’s put away our signs and our feathers. Let’s save our sexy costumes and snarky comments about the extreme right for our private after parties. In other words, let’s show the world who we are, not just who they think we are. Who they are afraid we are. Because you and I both know what they are afraid of.

They are afraid of what they think they know. That we are overly sexual, flamboyant people. That we are angry, belligerent people. And those might indeed be part of who we are. They are hardly everything we are, despite what our opponents “know.”

During the one month the world is really watching us, let’s show them the part of us they don’t know. The part no one can possibly be afraid of. Let’s turn out dressed well, not just street legal. Let’s be well-spoken and articulate, not just loud. Let’s hold hands with and kiss the people we love, not just grope the people we lust.

This is our time. We are closer than we have ever been. But the sad truth is we are not there yet. People still hate what they think they know about us. This year, let’s give them a chance to know us. Let’s show them not only that we are Proud, but why we are Proud.

Until next month, Poppets, enjoy Pride and take care of you.

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Piers Gaveston Jr said...

I wonder which pride celebrations you have been to.
Speaking for myself, the parades I have been to sound a lot like what you want to see. Yes, there are extremists. But there are also lots of boring people, just like lots of gay folk are boring.
As for what str8 america, they are going to see what they want to see. And truth be told, as these parades happen every year, before long they become routine. What once was shocking is now boring.
As for the skimpy costumes, you might notice that most pride celebrations take place around the summer solstice. It is HOT out there. In a perfect world, Judy would have made her last trip to the bathroom in a more temperate time of year.
It Atlanta, the celebration has been moved to October. This is the second year of this, and many like the cooler weather.
Here is a (http://piersgavestonjr.blogspot.com/2009/06/forty-years-of-pride.html) personal history of me and pride. I don't go every year. Pride has gone from being a statement, to being a corporate party, to being a mob scene downtown. If I don't go there will be plenty to replace me.
Thank you neo prodigy for bringing this to my attention.