Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Quick Explanation

Hi Poppets! You will notice I am posting two articles this month. This is part of why we love the Betty Pages. Let me explain...

I got up on my soapbox originally. I wrote a long, hard (okay, medium-ish) hitting article for the Pages. Then I remembered ~ they had hired me, all those months ago, to be a here's-what's-happening-in-Boston-and-on-the-east-coast columnist. More a Bridget About Town kind of article instead of anything serious. They have been infinitely patient with my forays into the political. So, even though the first article was really the one I wanted in March's Betty Pages, I wrote a second one, just in case, and sent them both off with an explanation and permission to print either one. They asked if they could print both, the lighter piece toward the front of the paper and the heavier one toward the back.

Of course, I said yes. With huge props to Betty and the rest, for being willing to push it a bit. The first article is the lighter one and the second is the "real" one.

Enjoy ~ and take care of you.

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