Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hi Blog Poppets! We're breaking from the norm here for just a moment. This isn't an article but more like a PSA. Or maybe I should call it a BSA ~ a Betty Service Announcement. I have just learned that people outside the catchman area of the Betty Pages can get a subscription. It is, however, expensive. Still, I figure it's my job to let you know about it, not to decide it's too expensive. So, here's the info (and at least they realize it's expensive!):

... anyone (in the U.S. anyway) is more than welcome to purchase a subscription. The cost is $40 for 1 year (12 issues). We handle so few subscriptions that currently we pay full retail for all of the materials and postage, but if we get more as time goes on, renewal rates may be lower in the future.

To start a subscription, just have them send a check or money order payable to “Desire Enterprises” along with a delivery mailing address to:

The Betty Pages - Subscriptions
c/o Desire Enterprises
PO BOX 2724
BELLINGHAM WA 98227-2724

There you have it. If you want the full Betty Pages, you can get the full Betty Pages. If you want to just keep reading my columns, The Life and Times of Bridget Adams remains absolutely free.

Until next time, Poppets, take care of you.

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